Friday, September 19, 2008

A Ribbon for my friend Lee

The Friday girls had a day out and about Saint John today. We visited for our regular Friday coffee break with with our good friend Lee, who lives in Saint John for this 08-09 school year. Then we all went to the KV quilt show. Well, Lee won a Ribbon for her Blue traditional sampler quilt at this show. It was pieced and hand quilted by her and a beautiful job, I might say. Congratulations Lee.

There were lots and lots of beautiful quilts. But I saw this one, and I loved it.. It's called Nines and Vines. I've seen it before in a Scrap Quilt Magazine that I purchased last year. I have since found that it's a free pattern from McCalls Quilting website. I started collecting fabrics for it last year, and lately, it's not been top of mind. But after seeing it todayat the quilt show, I have the itch to make it.... Here is the picture that I took of it and I totally forgot to write down the name of the person who made this. I'll dig out my stash to see how much fabric I really have and if I need more to get it started. This might be a great quilt to make for the St. Dunstan's quilters.

I loved this little baby quilt. I know of 2 babies going to be born in the February timeframe. This pattern came from a Nancy Halverson book will be worth buying and I'm adding it to my wanted list. I sure hope that I know the baby's names before they're born. This will be fun. I might make a prototype for baby Aurora to see how it turns out.

Lastly, I bought a few things at the quilters market. A book by Nancy Halverson - 12 days of Christmas, a bobbin holder, and a pair of Fons and Porter machine sewing gloves.
A great Friday!

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cpm said...

if you can make that you are CRAZY talented...but should I expect anything less from a woman who's been featured in magazines!?!?
Damn...I wish I would have met you before my babies were born...I could have been a lucky recipient of one of your prototypes! lol! Aurora is blessed (in more ways then one!!!)