Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby A comes for a visit

We had a special little visitor this weekend. Yes, it was baby Aurora. She's so smart now and she is not an infant any more. It's like overnight, she became a toddler. She moves around the house so comfortable and she's getting to know where all the hot spots are. The fridge, where she plays with magnets. The toy box, freshly cleaned out and various fun stuff inside. The stairs, she loves to climb them, just sit at the top... and have somebody carry her down, so she can climb up all over again. She likes the "I'm gonna get you" game. She squeals with laughter if she thinks you are chasing her. If you take one of her little hard page books, and start reading out loud, she scrambles to get on your lap as if to say, "You can't read without ME!"

She's such a darling....

Here is a picture of Patience and Aurora reading one of her books.

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