Monday, January 12, 2009

Relax - Take a break

Nope, no relaxing for me. That's that bad angel on my shoulder talking again. I'm zipping through the nines and vines now and I'm positive that it will be done by next Friday's nines and vines blog report. But I'm not going to tell you any more about it this week. If I have it done, I'll take a picture and show you on Friday...

But now that the end is near, I find myself wondering on to other projects.

I'm so excited for my boss... He and his wife are having their first baby in mid-February, and I'm preparing a baby package for him.

This week, I've had waffle weave fabric on the brain for some reason. So thinking about this new little baby, I have a about a meter size piece of medium waffle weave - so I think I'll make a simple waffle towel/blanket for his baby to put in the baby package. I wish I knew what his name will be... I'll make the towel, and I can easily embroider on a name later.

Also in the in the package for the new little baby, I have a couple of bibs, a couple of droolies, a nice Leapfrog drum, a little taggie blankie and a a little taggie bee (it's not finished yet).

This package will be done up and gone by Friday.

I love making baby stuff.

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cpm said... spoil EVERYONE with your talents! Your boss will be so grateful! What an awesome gift set!