Friday, January 2, 2009

Nines and Vines - Friday update

I'm now feeling that I'm into the swing of things on my Nines and Vines quilt. This quilt will be hand quilted by the St. Dunstan's Quilters over the spring and summer and will be used as their annual raffle quilt fund-raiser this fall.

So, so far, this is what 21 of the double 9 patch blocks looks like. Altogether, the pattern calls for 56 blocks on the inner part of this quilt. If you look closely, there are 5 little nine patches in one block, and the adjacent blocks have 4 little nine patches. This makes the lines of squares connect. There are a variety of colors in this quilt, but all the background is the same. I'm hoping to have all my inner 56 blocks done by Sunday afternoon.

After these inside blocks are all put together, then a thin outer border goes on, then the larger vines border will be the next big job. My plan is to invisible thread machine applique the stars on the vine.

I really like this pattern.

I'll update you next Friday as to my progress. I'm hoping to have the center blocks sewn together, the small border applied, and the vine borders started. This quilt needs to be done by Jan 20, our guild meeting night.


dp said...

wow, what a ton of work. And so fun to look at. Great job. I wish I had your energy!

lkh said...

Looks GREAT Gail. Can't wait to see the entire thing all together. Way to go girl!!