Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A visit to Nova Scotia

I'm back from Nova Scotia and a few days of power sewing. My sister and I worked on wedding things for a few days. We did really well, and are pleased with our efforts. Because she knows I love her cabbage rolls, we had them the first night we were there. She also gave me some to take home, frozen in small batches. I love that. Here is a picture she took just before she put the tomato sauce on them and put them in the oven. They were very good. I savoured every bite. I claimed leftovers for lunch the next day too. She refuses to give me the recipe. I now wonder if she's been getting them from the deli and passing them off as hers???

So, while the girls were busy sewing, the guys were in the garage building a kitty food station for my daughter Patience. Her daughter Aurora loves to get in the kitty food, so this should provide a barrier and a fun place for kitty to get respite from Baby A. We need to get some artwork to put on it.. it's looking kind of plain right now.

On the way home today from Nova Scotia, we stopped into the Avonport Discount Fabric store. It's half way between Greenwood and Halifax. I was amazed at the amount of fabric they had and the wall of quilting notions. Every quilters ruler imaginable. I spent half an hour picking through fabrics and then just looking through notions.

Here are my purchases... A craft iron (very hard to find in regular stores), 8 half yard cuts of cotton, buttons, white rattail, and chocolates. What you don't see is the hole in the chocolate bag. I had to try them. My sister says that this store is known for it's bulk chocolates. They are wonderful.

When I go to Greenwood this summer, I'll know better and bring a few of my "to-do" patterns with me to get fabric. I was most impressed with the selection and price of the fabrics at Avonport.

And finally, see who we brought home from Donna's house. Her name is Missy. She did well travelling today. So much so, we almost forgot she was with us. As you can see, she has taken up with Mert already, and found her comfy spot in the family room.

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dp said...

I loved my visit, I love all the sewing we did.. shhhh secret stuff we did... and i am so glad that Missy did well in the car. She is so well behaved here, you have to look to see if she is breathing sometimes.. she is so quiet and non demanding!