Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We decorated the kitchen table with hats, streamers, crackers and dug out our good china and champagne glasses for our special guests that were coming for New Years Eve supper. Can you guess who they are....?

Yep, it was the Triplets. Here we are, all 5 of us, having a New Year Toast.
Root beer, wings, pizza, peanut butter balls, ice cream and then the movie, ET and popcorn. That's how the triplets and Mert and I rang in the new year.
Happy New Years everyone.


dp said...

looks like a blast... How was the movie.. were they scare. Michelle thinks your mean to make them watch a terrifying movie like ET

cpm said...

FUN! You win Grandma of the Year! (I can say that 'cause my Mom is Grand-maman and she's pretty darn great too! lol!) Looks like you all had a fantastic time! What a special Grandma you are! You think of such awesome things!
Happy New Year! May 2009 be the best yet! (hmmm how to top that cruise?!? ha!ha!)

KF said...

You DO win Grandma of 2009---hands down!!!!
Mert too of course with Grandpa!! What fun the triplets must have had. Did they watch the whole of ET? Did they cry at the "mom" scene?
Happy New Year... and if you want me to help with your 9 patches... just give me a call or an email Gail.