Saturday, June 5, 2010

Caitlin's Free Motion Quilting Lesson

Caitlin decided to stay for a sleep over last night, and since I had lots of stuff that needed to be done in my sewing room, I put her to work. First I gave her a lesson in ironing, and she went on to iron a bunch of small pieces of batik scraps that I'm going to use in a fun project later this summer. After that, she ironed some big pieces while I cut out some fabric to make a kit for a project I'm starting to sew early next week.
After ironing for over an hour, we relaxed a bit and watched a couple of episodes of Say yes to the dress.
This morning after a nice leisurely breakfast, we went back in my sewing room. Caitlin was sitting in my sewing chair, with my Fons and Porter gloves on, and is imagining herself free motion quilting. I thought to myself... why not, and put a practice sandwich together for her. We spent about an hour together looking at a Sharon S. video, and then I drew a feather with my mechanical chalk pencil. Here is a little clip and she is working on her second feather. She's so comfortable at the sewing machine and I'm so impressed with her stitching. Are you impressed!


MissesStitches said...

This is amazing! Your granddaughter is a natural at quilting. Good for you for encouraging her.

Joanne said...

Wow! I am really impressed!! And we all stress over feathers!!

Mick said...

She is amazing! What a great little quilter she is becoming :)!

cpm said...

WOW~Amazing! She's a natural...but she obviously has an awesome teacher!!!

Michelle said...

Oh MY! I am SEW impressed! Was she holding down the foot control too, or did you have it regulated. She looked like such a good little helper in the sewing room. I think you have a new sewing partner! Do you have a machine you can call 'hers' when you girls have your very first overnight sewing sleepover? Oh, you must be so excited...because I am excited FOR you!

By the way...I haven't even done feathers!
be blessed,

bargello said...

And...besides the luscious feather stitching, Caitlin is an ambidextrous ironer too! You go gal!!

Karen said...

Oh my, Caitlin - your quilting is sooooo impressive. By any chance, are those magical gloves you are wearing? (like Frosty's hat :) I have those same gloves, but mine require patience and practice. Your machine is running at such an even speed, which is not easy to maintain and your resulting feathers are beautiful. I hope you keep quilting, we will all be watching for your first quilt!
(Maybe you'd like to trade gloves with me? :))