Sunday, June 20, 2010

A fabulous Father's Day

It's been a week of celebration. With Mert's Birthday and Father's Day, we've been partying and eating cake all week.

For Father's Day, we all met at the cottage today and the girls brought lots of food and Father's Day wishes.

Here's a special custom cake that Carrie and Michele had made. It's a golfer. It was so cute. It was hard to cut into because it was so cute. When we finally did cut into it, the kids all shared in eating the little golfer man and his golf bag.

What fun it is to have all the kids around. Mitchell even made a special Happy Fathers Day sign on the chalkboard. It's hard to see him, but Grampie is in there somewhere. Everyone is gathering around to watch the cake being cut.

You see my grand kids all the time on my blog, but it's not often that you see my kids. So, let me introduce you. Here is Patience, Carrie, and Michele with their Dad.

This is yours truly with Patience. She's the mom of Baby Aurora. Do you think we look alike? Everyone tells us we do.

This is Michele and her husband Wade. They are the parents of Caitlin, Mitchell and Grace, aka the triplets. Everyone thinks that Michele looks like me too. We just laugh!

This is Carrie and her husband Kenny. They are the parents of Jessica and Emily. They'll be bringing their boat to the cottage soon and spending a couple of weeks vacation. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

After a great dinner, Grampie and all six grandkids went down to dip their feet in the lake.

This was a great Father's Day and Grampie sure enjoyed all the attention.


Unknown said...

Wonderful family... I love them all!

Auntie D

Joanne said...

What a wonderful family! Lucky you!!

Linda H said...

Happy Fathers Day to Mert. You have a lovely family... those kids sure are growing fast!!

Karen said...

Terrific to have the family all together for celebrations and...Wow - that's some cake! Is it marzipan?