Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TreeGo for Kids

The triplets came for a visit. We did so much stuff this afternoon. First Grampie picked up the kids from school and they came home and made their lunch. They had choices of mini-croissants, fruit, Toaster strudel, drinks etc.

We then took our lunches and went to Mactaquac Provincial park near the new TreeGo.

We ate our fun lunchs and then ventured into the woods looking for the Kids Treego. It wasn't open today, but we wanted to see it anyway just to see if the kids thought they could do the challenging course. You have to be a minimum of 7 years old and the triplets are 8. After walking the entire course, under the ziplines, they all thought they could do it no problem at all. Actually it looks like it would be fun.

One of the platforms was open so here are the kids pretending to do zip-lining.

We will definitely go another day and hopefully we can get Jessica and Emily to go too.

After all that, we came home and read some Pokemon books, and played some Hide and seek. Then we finished off our afternoon with a little sewing.

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bargello said...

Oh my soul, your grandkids are soo lucky!