Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you love all your threads?

Actually, I like most of my thread, but there's one or two that I got in our Friday Girls thread purchase last week, that I don't like at all. It will be a real challenge for me to use it. It's a variegated white yellow orange and red. Today, I was finishing off one of my free motion samplers and I was trying out my new Aurafil threads. See the spiral. The darn thread was light then turned dark and has is a long time before the thread variegates to another color.
It's a good $4.00 lesson for me. I learned that I don't like variegated thread with highly contrasting colors. I guess I knew it but now that I've tried it, it confirms my preference for more blended variegated threads.
It's a 40 wt thread, so I can probably use it for piecing..


Joanne said...

You are right about that kind of variegated thread. Although I find that it works when quilting a large overall design on a busy quilt - not for the type of quilting we have been doing recently.
My new favorite thread is Invisafil by Wondefil (Canadian too), it just blends right into the fabric and is way cheaper than silk! Plus it sews beautifully.

Linda said...

Thanks for all the great info on the thread.