Monday, June 28, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Now that school is done, Jessica and Emily are here with me for a visit. We intended to pick up the triplets and go to Treego today. But the rain came down too hard and the Treego people called to say, it's best to wait until tomorrow.
So instead, we sewed patches on their quilts.... many patches. I gave Jessica the job of counting patches in an I spy fabric swap that we're having. She counted all day. I think she'll dream of bugs, flowers, monkeys all night. The I spy patches were fun for her to look at.
And we made Canada Day cookies with my new cookbook. We made a sugar cookie recipe from my new "Cookie Swap" book that I got for my birthday. The kids said they were the best best best cookies they ever had, and they hadn't even been cooked yet. Yes, they were eating the dough.
We cut out maple leaves, hearts, ducks, dog bones etc. They also cut out their name to make a special cookie for themselves. And we decorated, and over-decorated using some of the new techniques in the book. It's really to make spider webs and wavy lines in the cookies, just using a toothpick.
After sewing patches, and making cookies, I made a pizza dough and then took a break. The girls made supper with Grampie. It was yummy.
After supper we went to the Walmart to pick up a few things for our lunch tomorrow. We're going to Treego, RAIN OR SHINE!!
We're back home now, just relaxing and doing a few emails. Emily loves my netbook for chatting with Auntie Donna. They both loved sending emails to their mom. Even better, they loved getting emails back!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day in spite of the rain. It has been nice catching up with you through your blog now that my parents are gone. Have a great Canada Day! Linda

Lee said...

I think you've already racked up the most use the alphabet cutters have seen. Nice job on the cookie names!