Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Treego was a blast!

Today was Treego day. We packed a picnic, picked up the triplets, and off we went to Mactaquac park. We've been talking about going to Treego for weeks. Our scheduled day to go was yesterday but we got way too much rain and the Treego people called to cancel. So today is the day. Overcast weather and no rain. Perfect. Do these kids look excited or what!

After our picnic, we went to the Treego office and they had the kids sign a form. Then fit you with harnesses with safety cables and tell you all the rules. The kids got trained on the demo course. They learned how to clip the carabeeners on, how to link into the zip lines and how to manage traffic in the trees. "Clear" was the most important word. And to be rescued from the tree tops, you had to yell "Guide Guide Guide" . Don't the kids look ready to tackle those trees!!
Now for the Trees. The pictures explain themselves.. It was exhilarating for the kids. They did the course two times and it took two hours.


dp said...

oh MY GOD. I would just puke...... ahhhhhhhh..... what would I yell for that... PUKE PUKE PUKE?

What a fun day. I bet they were pooped by the end of it....

cpm said...

SOOOOOOO FUN!!! I want to go!!!! Great pics!!