Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mitchell's Quilt Kit

Over the past year, I've avoided using any of my grey-blue fabric. See, last year, I asked Mitchell to browse through some books and magazines to find a quilt that he liked. He leafed and leafed, and then abruptly stopped looking. "This is the one I want" he said. It turns out it is a traditional pattern, "Birds in the Air", all done in scrappy grey-blues. Blue is Mitchell's favorite color. This pattern is from a winter 2000 issue of the American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

It's fun for me, because I've never made this quilt before and I've been researching simple but efficient ways to make half square triangles.
Today, I finished cutting all the components for the birds, geese, borders and binding. This Greco Munchie meal pizza box is great because it has an inner separator that allowed me to put the bird block and other components under, and the geese components on the top.
I also put a ruler and pencil in the box along with the pattern and my draft that I printed out of EQ. The box is closed and it will come to the cottage with me this weekend.
So now, the rest of the blue fabric goes into my general stash. and I'm all ready to sew on rainy days at the cottage this Summer.
PS: You know, last time I took a kit to the cottage for rainy day sewing, we had no rainy days. So my motivation for making this kit up, has multiple aspects :)

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Linda H said...

Wow! Lucky Mitchell! I envy your organization in cutting these quilt kits.
I have made this pattern- in blues and whites too! If you need more blues, let me know...