Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Cake!

Caitlin has been thinking of how she was going to decorate Grampie's cake all week. Here she is with her plan. She picked out the colors.

She decided it would be a Question and Answer Cake. The question would be wrote on the side of the cake.
And the answer would be on top of the Cake. With icing, she divided the top of the cake into six sections. She carefully put the name of each of Grampie's grandchildren in each section.

Then on the side of the cake, she wrote "Happy Birthday", and she put the question "What does Grampie like more than Golf?

After we went out for a nice restaurant supper, we came home and we surprized him with his cake. Guess he needed help to blow out the candle.

Of course everyone had to admire the cake writing.

And here is the top of the cake. Great job Caitlin.

Next Friday, Grace is coming over to make a surprise cake for her Dad. She's got a couple of good ideas of what theme she will decorate his cake in. Be sure to drop by to see what she makes.


Joanne said...

Great cake!!

Donna's chitchat said...

What a wonderful cake, wonderful day for Caitlyn too. Grampie is pretty lucky!

Karen said...

Caitlin is one talented young lady - that's a great cake!

Linda G said...

Great cake Caitlyn. Happy Birthday Mert!