Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Old Woolen Blanket gets a Makeover

When we bought our summer cottage a few years back, it came furnished and the previous owners left some old blankets, curtains etc.   We threw most of them out but I was reluctant to throw out this old woolen blanket.  I took it home last fall with the intent to make over this blanket and give it a new life.

So, this week, as we prepare to open the cottage for the summer, I dug out the blanket.  I hummed and hawed over how to best manage it.  Then while looking at the raggy ends, I decided surging them off was the way to start.  I surged off one ragged end.  The other end, that had a sizeable hold in it near the end.  I surged off about 6 inches from that end.  It's more square now than long, but I really like it.   Just like a quilt, I made a 2.5" binding and added it to the blanket, just like a quilt.  

To  complete the blanket makover,  I re-stitched on the original label that was just hanging on by a few threads.  The label says this blanket came from the Strathroy Woolen Mills in Ontario.

I think I'm going to enjoy this blanket as we snuggle on the cool mornings at the cottage.


paulette said...

Good for you...I would have cut it up...dyed it and turned it into a penny rug!! I like your cozy blanket better!! haha

Jane said...


I just bought a similar blanket in pale green - with similar issues to yours. What a wonderful idea - I think it will definitely be the way to go with mine!


Anonymous said...

I have the same blanket, same label, in blue - it belonged to my parents and I'm guessing was a wedding present in 1948, but would like to know if anyone can date these plaid woollen blankets with this particular label more precisely. Nice job of the redo!