Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilt Labels for small projects

Do you label your small projects?  I don't own an inkjet printer to print my own, and stitching one takes  longer than the project.  Quite frankly, once the project is done, I find labelling is a pain, so it doesn't usually get done.   For table runners, placemats and small wall hangings, I usually just quilt write my name somewhere on the project....

But in the last week of snowbirding in the south, I was at a flea market where a young man was custom printing t-shirts on the spot.  He was taking images like cars, motorcycles etc and adding names etc on his computer, and printing with new hi-tech print with long lasting ink.     That got me to thinking and I asked if he could keep the t-shirt and print on some plain cotton if I bring it myself.   And he said, I guess so.    I said I'd be back the next day.

So, the next day, I went back, armed with a home made Jpg file that I designed using clipart that I had purchased a couple of years ago from Lettering Delights.  The jpg page was 8.5" x 11" and I put 15 of the same small label on the page.  

He loaded my file into his computer, fit my plain cotton on to his T-shirt printer contraption, and pressed "Print".  He was kind of scared and made me no promises, but I knew it would work.   This is what I got.  I was quite pleased....   On the label, all I put was "Made by" and my name.   At the suggestion of some quilt buddies, I was advised to at least put the year, so next time I have labels printed on fabric, I will put in the year.   It's a good suggestion.

This morning, I took out my fine micron pen and added the year to these 2 projects that I  labelled earlier this week. 

So, now the challenge to myself is to make 13 more small projects to use up these labels before I go south again next year.

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Joanne said...

Pretty labels - great idea.
I just use a fine Sharpie (tried several markers and these are my favorite) to write on a piece of fabric for my labels, but I should try something like you.♥