Monday, April 11, 2011

New Amazon Books.

As our snowbird trip comes to an end, I just had to make a final order with Amazon.   Our research begins on where we will travel this fall.   We might head back to Europe for a week in Paris, then off through the chunnel to spend a couple of weeks in England and the surrounding area.   Retirement is a rough life, isn't it!

Amazon is so good at suggesting other books I might like based on my past purchases.  This McCall's Fast Favorites was just to inviting, so I ordered it along with my travel books.  

Just look at all the nice quilts that should be quick to do up.  Many of the quilts in this book have been featured in their Annual Scrap Quilt Magazine issue... But it's nice to have this collection all in one book.

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Unknown said...

All those quilts are adorable! I really should make something for Caleigh before Grammie Camp