Thursday, April 14, 2011

On my way Home!

Today is our last day away arriving home.   We are spending the night in the quaint little town of Freeport in Maine.  It's a fun town with lots of shops and the ever popular LL Beans. 

Very near our hotel, was a cute little quilt shop called Cotton Weeds Quilt shop and I spent a half an hour browsing until the shop closed for the day. It's has more books than I've ever seen before.  I bought this fun little Nancy Halvorsen scissor fob book and a fold-up seam ripper for my travelling sewing kit.

Now I can't wait to get home to my stash to make up some of these sweet sewing needle cases, kits, and fobs of course.

Just have a look at the pictures in the book.


Mary said...

I cant wait until fall when we're back in Maine!

Anonymous said...

Ever cute. Can't wait to see you once you are home. Linda G

Kathy said...

We missed you this morning!