Friday, April 22, 2011

A day with Grace

Grace came for an overnight visit.   I'm glad be cause I had a lot of things to do and I could surely use her help.  First off, Grace helped me cut out and sew a sundress for Aurora.   Then she designed a fuzzy pillow.  I totally forgot to take a picture of it but believe me, it was so cute.  Before going to bed, we read some poetry out of "If I had a Million Onions" book.    

Then this morning after breakfast, we got right to work.  While I was sewing, Grace ironed some of my Batik scraps.   I'm getting ready to make up a kit of fabrics to take to the cottage so this is a big help to me.  

Then later in the morning, since I had to test out some cookies for our upcoming quilt show, she helped me with that.  I'm going to use a Signature Sugar Cookie recipe and use fun spring icing colors to decorate with.   

Since she's a triplet, Grace loves having both beaters and the bowl to herself to lick off.  Usually she has to share, with you know who!!!!

So my little cookie test is complete.  Grace and I used half a batch of cookie dough.  I got just over two dozen cookies out of my small batch, and Grace got a little less. But I estimate I should be able to get 6 dozen small cookies out of one batch.   I made small circle cookies, one-bite ladybugs, teapots and coffee cups.   Since these are just samples, we can eat them up this weekend.  I'll make the real ones next week.

Thanks for all your help today Grace!


Sandra said...

Yummy. i love frosted ladybugs!!

Vivian said...

cookies & grand-daughter are both as 'cute as a bug'!
Thanks for the comment on my Kaua'i Gold!