Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey do

Caitlin came to spend the day and night.  See, she's been looking everywhere for a real sock monkey.  They've come back in style.  The ones you buy in stores now, are not made out of socks.  They're made out of fabric and are not really what she wanted.   So about a month ago, when we were on Skype, we discussed making her a real sock monkey.  I said I would find some sock monkey socks in the USA and bring them back with me.  I found the socks at 

So Caitlin and I would like to introduce you to Mike...  Mike the Sock Monkey.   Here are some pictures.

Mike before.

Mike After.

Mike imitating Caitlin

Mike and his sister

Caitlin imitating Mike

Mike and Caitlin showing off their tails.


Jackie said...

Great pics!! Love Mike and Caitlin imitating Mike.

Linda H said...

Cute cute cute!! I want one too!!

Lee said...

I never knew sock monkeys could be so expressive! Great job Caitlin (and you too, Gail)!

Sandra said...

hahahahahaha! Where's the tutorial?
I want one too now!

moosestashquilting said...

I love Sock Monkey's and am delighted they are back in style. I have some of the original socks, from many years ago. Wonder where I put them???? Guess I better start cleaning out my sewing room and find them! :-)

MissesStitches said...

I've made a few sock monkeys in the past years for little ones. I really enjoy making them. And the kids seem to like them as much as their parents do!

cpm said...

Awesome pictures! So fun!!! I LOVE Sock Monkeys!