Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home is where my stash is!

We've been home from our snowbird trip for two days.  I'm definitely loving re-connecting with my fabric stash.  It just so happens that one of the guilds that I belong to  is having a scrappy 9 patch day on Monday - tomorrow.  So I'm having fun picking through all my scrappy bits and pieces to cut 2.5" squares.   Here's my basket full of squares.  I have no idea how many I've cut already but I need 500.  I'll cut more this afternoon..

On the last hours of our drive home on Friday, I was so inspired by this Art to Heart Sew Necessities book that I had to stop one last time to get fabric. I picked up these spring and summery 8 long quarters on Friday to make some of the projects in this book.

So, at the same time that I'm picking through scraps to cut squares, I'm also cutting out some pieces to make something from my new Art to Heart - Sew Necessary book.   I think I'll start with this Posie Needle Wallet. I'll do a prototype first out of scrappy fabric, then once I get how this little pattern works, I'll make more out of my new fabric.    I was thinking these needle wallets would be nice to make for the new hand-quilters who will work on the St. Anthony's church quilt starting in September. It will easily hold a little pair of scissors, a thimble, a pack of gum, a pencil and little pad of paper.

Ahh, it's good to be home.


Unknown said...

its amazing how cutting squares feels so good. I was planning on cutting 50 squares, and ended up cutting 200, without any effort! hee hee
I love the little needle wallet.. its adorable!

cpm said...

ha!ha! Catchy title! I love it! and I love the wallets! The flowers are so bright and beautiful! I wish you displayed (and sold) your creations closer to here! I LOVE everything!!!