Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Home Again and loving the warm weather

We're home from Prince Edward Island and Princess Kate and Prince William are on the other side of Canada now.  It was really nice to see them and PEI was a great host to them.  We saw signs everywhere welcoming them to the gentle Island.

Grace, Patience and Caitlin pose in the downtown Charlottetown area for touristy photographers.  They were really delighted at how many compliments they got on their facinators.  They loved wearing them.  Don't they look smashing?

Again, this is a picture of the girls with some of their friends at the cottage campground.  They are setting a summer fashion statement for summerwear...  Don't they look so awesome?


Sandra said...

Sweet Gail!

paulette said...

I watched the news last night and they had a girl on wearing a flower like this and she called it a fasinator. She said Kate loved her fasinator..was she one of your girls?? Too cute!!

bargello said...

Indeed they do look smashing. Congratulations to you, the haberdasher!!

Colleen G said...

So glad you shared the pictures. I had checked the CBC site online but didn't see the girls there. Glad everyone had a good time being royally fashionable. My son shared the Canada Day festivities with them and when I asked him which impressed him more; royalty or the Mounties and their lances? He said: the flyby (Snowbirds and CF18s make a big impression on the future pilot!) Needless to say, no feathers or flowers in his headgear.