Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter

Hubby and I took the Jessie and Emmie to the new Harry Potter movie this afternoon.  It was an amazing movie, and we all really enjoyed it.  Don't the kids look cool in their 3D glasses.    

It was our first Harry Potter movie but the kids were well versed and have seen all the other movies many times.   So now hubby and I will have to go back and watch the first 7 movies to catch all the things we didn't understand like horcruxes and a snitch.  

After the Harry Potter Movie, we did some indoor stuff because it was pouring rain outside.    

Emily decorated a chocolate cake for supper.   She got to use my new Wilton 56 piece cake decorating tips.  

And of course we did a good bit of sewing.  Both Emily and Jessica had major repairs to make on their blankets, so they picked through patches and sewed them on.    

And we made a Kobo case for Jessica's new black Kobo.

Tomorrow we're going to head to the cottage for some swimming, and relaxing for the weekend. 

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