Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quilt as You go - Finished

The month of June didn't yield a lot of finishes for me because we were painting our wrap around deck.  (see how nice and white it is under the quilt).   The covered areas only needed 2 coats of paint, but the exposed areas needed three coats.   It was a big job... I think we painted in 8 different sessions.   We're so glad it's done.  We've been celebrating all week.    I've also started up the sewing machine again, and I had this unfinished quilt has you go project on my spare bed for 6 months.  Who knew it would only take a day to finish it once I dug out my fabrics.  I like it.  

I also love using my small home made labels. I simply used a fancy stitch to sew on the reverse side of this Quilt as you go quilt, which is done in browns.  All I need to do is pen the date in. 

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Linda said...

Love your quilt Gail!