Sunday, July 17, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Week 3 of 5

Last week I showed you the progress on my first stitched block.  It was the second largest block so it took quite a while.  I did get it done last week, and here it is.    While I started out using just the stem stitch, I find that on the printing of the sign and the finer details on the snowman faces, I use the back stitch.   The pattern calls for either or, but I'm using a combination of both where I see fit.

I was looking for a quick finish, so my next block was a small block.    And it's done.   With no trees, and no snowflakes, it was a quick finish. 
So now I'm working on my third block...a larger block.   My fingers are sore, and I've developed a couple of calluses on the tips of my fingers, but I'm sure I'll get this done this week.

Only two more weeks in my Christmas in July challenge, and I know now that this won't all get stitched in July.   But I do have a really good sense of how long it will take me.  

While letting my fingers rest, I did start on the pieced blocks and I have the first of 6 sets of blocks done.  This first set had 5 blocks.    I had no idea that these blocks would take so long to make.   I'm so used to cutting out many blocks at a time, then sewing those blocks all at once... This is very different.  The blocks are either a 12", or a 9" or a 6".  No two blocks are the same size or color combination.    I know it took twice as long to choose the colors and cut out the pieces than it did to sew them.      I sewed one block at a time...    I'll plan my time better for the rest of the sets of blocks. 

I am discovering that I get lots of stitching done while sitting out at the cottage.   And if there's something good on TV for an hour in the evening, I get stitching done then too.  Now that I'm in week three, I find that I'm developing little techniques to help me stitch cleaner, without the long knotted tails in the back.  I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it's working for me.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail,

Love seeing pics of your Winter Wonderland Quilt progress. The fancinators were very neat. Love the pic of Princess Kate and William. It brought great memories of being on PEI one year ago. Hugs judy

paulette said...

Love watching your progress on Winter Wonderland...I have the pattern..and fabric...and thread but am a bit daunted by it all!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Quilt n Queen said...

Lovely work Gail...I finished my embroidery blocks in the red stitching but have not started the pieced blocks. I used just the stem stitch but may use a combination of the stem stitch and some back stitch when I start stitching my next big set of embroidered's for Meg's pattern 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. Have you seen Megs's new patterns she released at Spring Market??? They are so adorable....a pillow called 'Trim the Tree' and an embroidered pillow case 'Night Before Christmas'.....happy stitching, Pauline

MissesStitches said...

Your work looks beautiful, Gail. Take care of your fingers.

Wendy said...

If it works for you then I would say it is the right way. The blocks were definitely time consuming. When you are used to chain piecing and cutting many blocks at once, this is a bit different.