Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Sleep Pants for Emily & Jessica

Emily came for a visit today.   She was right in the middle of a sewing project at the cottage last weekend, when my sewing machine had a breakdown.    So Emily came to the house today to finish her project.   

While she was sewing her project, I was making her and her sister new warm and cozy sleep pants.   These are custom sleep pants with quilters cotton flannel fabric for the front, and pink happy face quilters flannel for the back. Emily's pants have two blue side pockets that are the perfect size for her Ipod Touch.  

 Emily says they are the most warm and comfy pants EVER!!!

Jessica's sleep pants were custom made with 4 different fabrics on the legs, and two more fabrics for each of the pockets which were custom done to fit her Ipod Touch, and her Kobo eReader.   She got her pants today, but they're a little tight, so we're going to make another pair to send home with Emily tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams!!

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