Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas in July - Sort of

The beautiful warm weather is here.  I'm not really working on any big sewing projects.  Although, I am working on hand stitching my Winter Wonderland project.  It's great for sitting in the shade on these wonderful warm days.   

I did take a little time to finish this little project which was my warm up project before starting the big Winter Wonderland project last week.  Since it's Christmas in July, I thought I'd finish it off with some summery flowery colors for the borders and binding.  I machine stitched the binding with my favorite bi-level Pfaff foot, which made for a really quick finish.   

I'll hang it on a wall first chance I get.  Why wait for Christmas, right?

BTW - this is a design from Gail Pan Designs.  It can be downloaded here.

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