Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Week 4 of 5

I can't believe how fast my July is flying by.  There is only one week left to report on my Winter Wonderland progress.   I did finish my third block late last evening.    It has been hot all week, but I've enjoyed sitting on the porch in the afternoons.  It's funny because as I was stitching this block which features some winter birds, I was watching our own neighbourhood robins bring wormy treats to their babies who have recently hatched in the cedar tree by our front door.   We can hear the peeps when the mama bird brings the worms.  
After three blocks finished, I'm finally getting in the groove.  It's taken all four weeks to get my fingers to the point where the calluses are performing well.  They are really nice, just the right size to still let me know that the needle has come through, yet tough enough that my fingers don't hurt any more. 

I also bought proper needles that can take the perle cotton easier.  The needle threader I was using broke, and I realized that the eye was just too small for the perle.   I have my little stash of necessities (thread, scissors, needles etc) all in one place, and it will all stay together until I'm done my project.

The next block that I'll be starting this evening will be the long skinny holly block.  I bought myself the smaller spring hoop to do this block.  I think I'll enjoy using it. 

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