Thursday, September 18, 2008

CIBC Run - Over Goal - Yippee

I was just getting ready to do a blog entry and I thought, I wonder if I'm over goal on my run for the cure site....... And much to my delight, I'm there I'm at 102% !!! I'm so pleased. Thank you to all who sponsored me. I'll be making a personal donation to match all donations.

So, this week I've been trying a few new things. I came across this free clutch bag pattern from Kwik Sew a couple of years ago. I had been intending to try it but never got around to it. Earlier this summer, I thought, let's just get one cut out to see if I can do one quickly. Well, I got stopped because I needed piping... thin piping. It's very hard to buy. ... So, I bought a piping foot for my sewing machine and I made the piping. The foot works quite nicely. I'm glad I tried it. I finished off the little bag. It's quite plain, but wouldn't a nice little piece of lace look nice on the flap.

Did you see my stitching the angel blog entry.... well after doing that I thought I'd try more small pieces of free standing lace... Here is some that I stitched out and can use on future projects.

Yesterday was week 1 of my Crazy Quilt Sock class. The first steps in crazy quilting is applying trims so I added a few, reserving some to be added later if I like. I won't show you the whole piece, but here are 2 pictures with trims that I added. I'm going to really enjoy this class.

Next week, we start the actual crazy quilting stitches. Adding the beads comes the very last. We we were warned, not to even bring any beads to the class. It's toooooo tempting to want to apply

them as soon as the row of stitching is done. You can't do that because the threads will catch on them and it'll be hard to continue with the regular threads and ribbon stitches... Our homework was to add ruching. If you don't know what that is, you'll have to wait until next week to see.

Tomorrow, the Friday girls and I are off to Saint John to a quilt show. I can't wait to go cause a friend of mine, won a ribbon... but it's a surprise!!! (until we get there) I'll take a picture to show you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

so was the clutch bag hard to make. did you get my donation. It doesn't seem to show up on line?
love the colors of the crazy quilt sock....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on exceeding your goal!

I love the little hints you showed of your project. I'd like to see the whole thing, too. You know what? I bead each seam as I go, and I don't get the threads caught. LOL! But, stick to the rules for class and break them later if it seems a good idea.

There's a little tutorial on ruching here:

if anyone doesn't know what it is or how to do it. =)

Karen South said...

ha ha ... true crazy quilting is about breaking the rules! I too can never wait to add the beads. But I guess it is a good idea to stick to the class rules and then you can try it the 'other' way at home!