Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wobble Stitch Trail

I love the walking trails around our city. They are part of my life every day. I enjoy the fume free and noise free surroundings as I step along.
Recently, they've paved a few of the trails and while some people are not happy because now they are less green, I don't mind.
It's now a rare occasion that I have to stop and shake the rocks out of my sneakers. This is one of the newly paved trails and this week while walking I noticed that they had freshly painted lines.
I wonder if the line painter is a quilter and they did this wobbly stitch on purpose.... I think I'll call this section of the trail, the Wobble Stitch Trail.
I like it. Do you?


Dolores said...

Great shot. I wonder if it sparks comments from those using it? Kinda makes you wonder what the painter was following?

Linda H said...

Hilarious! I wonder if he was drinking more than water on the job???

Vicki W said...

Oh, that's a very cool photos!

Donna Cormier said...

I love following your stories with your little ones...I need to chat with you re modifying my blog....changing name, adding photos, etc....