Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Free Folding Totebag Tutorial

I loved making this little folding totebag from a tutorial by Zaaberry today.  

Last week, I had some stash fabric out for other projects, so I ripped off a 10 inch strip, a 6 inch strip and a 4 inch strip and set it aside for when I had a few minutes to make this project.  

This morning, I knew I only had about half an hour before the rain would stop and I would be rushing out the door to get my daily walk in.

I ironed my 3 width of fabric (wof) strips and made the cuts according to the pattern directions.   I sewed up sample/prototype tote in about 20 minutes.  I didn't even print off the pattern... just jotted down the size of the fabric pieces then just referred to my computer for a couple of handle and button placement measurements.   I wasn't rushing, but when I was finished, I was amazed that it sewed up so quickly.
  • I like the size of the bag.  It finished at about 13.5" * 13.5".
  • I like that it folds neatly and is very compact.  
  • I like that it uses french seams for a clean finish inside.  
  • I like that it's a single layer of fabric.   

There was a few inches of the handle left over after I stitched down each side of the double folded four inch strip. 

Before I sewed the button on my machine, I cut two inches of this leftover strip and stitched it onto the tote where the button would be sewn on.  Then I sewed the button on.   I feel that this gives added stability for the button.

Go ahead, and try one....time it... I'm sure you'll be impressed at the functionality of this tutorial and how quick this sews up.

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Anonymous said...

Another great tutorial Gail. You make the projects sound so easy. I really like your choice of colors. Lucy