Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leymoyne Star of the frame

Doris, Alice, Judy and Sue
After almost 9 months, all five of us regulars at the St. Anthony's Quilting group were there to place the final stitches in the quilt.  Yes, our knees and knuckles were bumping into one another. 

As we were taking those stitches, the sun was peeking through the round window above the door.  It's been a while since we saw sun.  That was exciting too.

Last line of stitching by Gail before it came off the frame
I gave the girls the little posy wallets to hold their sewing do-dads, and they were so surprised and they loved them.  They'll come back next fall, with all the stuff, stuffed in these little wallets.  It'll be fun to see who put what in their wallet. 

Un-rolling and un-pinning from the frame

I will finish the binding over the next couple of weeks, and then the quilt gets turned over to the church to use for fund raising.  I hope they do well with it.


Karen said...

Gail, you certainly have a lot of experience with raffle quilts; you must be an expert at them by now.:) Congratulations on a job well done - it's beautiful.

dp said...

What an amazing project, and I can see and feel the pride and anticipation as they are unrolling the quilt... how exciting...
I will buy tickets!