Saturday, May 14, 2011

A hooded swim or bath towel for Aurora

One of the Friday girls, Vivian made her mother a terrycloth bathrobe last week.  She brought me her leftover terrycloth yesterday when we had our Friday coffee break.  I was pleased to get it because on my to-do list was a hooded bath or swim towel for Aurora.  So, with the leftovers, I made it today.    I'm really pleased with it.  Isn't this puppy face so cute?   It's a soft salmon/pink color, with nice purply floppy ears. 

The pattern comes from a hard cover Singer book that my sister has.  I've made many of these in the past but not for a few years.  It's a fun project and Aurora loves the water, so I know she'll get good use from this.   

Thanks for the leftovers Vivian! 

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