Friday, May 27, 2011

Acorn Needle Wallet

Acorn wallet, 4 x 6 closed
I'm in between projects.  I'm not sure what to start next.  I finished my daughter's curtains that I had been working on all week.  I've cut a few kits and I doing of planning of things I want to make.   But not actually sewing anything right now.. Yesterday I felt the need to sew something small. 

So early in the morning, I dug out my Art to Heart Sew Necessary book and decided to "Whip" a needle book.   This time I would make the"Acorn" needle book.  

Outside cover, and lining of Acorn needle wallet
 After about considerable time pawing through my scraps, I realized that this pattern was lots more finicky than the Posy wallet from the same book.   Not a problem, I'll finish it since I have so much time into it and it's nice to have a challenge once in a while, right?  

Back of applique and layering the back and the front.
Since I had spent so much time looking for the 10 different bits and pieces of fabric, I thought I better cut enough for two needle wallets. 

This pattern is so cute, with the leaves applique and the special curvy shape at one end.  But those things give many more opportunities to make mistakes.  And I did make a few mistakes.   With diligent concentration, and a drive to get it done without any more mistakes,  I did finish one, and the other is almost done. 

Acorn Needle Wallet

I do like it and I will fill it with sewing things to leave by the couch. I will enjoy using it to sew buttons etc.   

But, when I need to do more needle wallets, I'll probably stick to the Posy wallets like I made a couple of weeks ago. 

Have you ever gotten into a little project that was just a little over your head?



Quilting Queen said...

I like the wallet. Love the "Art to Heart" books. A little project over my head?...would that be the stack of UFO's that are in that bin over there?..hmmm, let me see.

MissesStitches said...

Both of these projects are really cute. Well done!