Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's going to be a Blue Winter Wonderland this July

Decision made... Earlier this week, I was waffling about which color to do my Winter Wonderland - Christmas in July project.   Red, Blue or Green.

I've decided I'm going with blue.  I invested a whole $3.00 on the floss, so there's no going back now..(wink wink).    I think winter blue will have a longer display life than red and I can continue to display or use it after Christmas and well into the winter.   And the blue just seems more appealing to me right now.... 

A first look into my stash reveals that I have a beautiful white tone on tone fabric with the lightest snowflakes on it.   (can you see them in the photo)  I can use that white for all the border blocks.  I'll use plain white for the hand embroidered blocks.   I'm pulling blues, but the don't seem to be the right blues.... I may have to go fabric shopping.

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