Monday, May 16, 2011

Canada Take Along Bags

I've had these little Canada themed take-along bags cut out out and put away for a while now.  I was waiting for a rainy day or two to finish them.  Well, guess what...  It's been raining all week.  So the fabric being cut out, these bags were a pretty quick finish.  Last evening I sewed the buttons on as the finishing touch. 

This versatile pattern is by Lazy Girl Designs, and it's pattern number LD-106.  Ask for it at your local quilt shop, it's a older pattern, but a good one.  You might remember that Joan Hawley of LGD featured me and my bags here on her blog... and she featured my sister here on her blog as well.   So between us, this must make about 35 Take Along bags that we've made between us. 

You might be wondering what am I going to do with these bags.  Well, both my sons-in-law travel to the USA for business meetings, and so they will each get one for their shaving stuff.   But the question is, who will get what color?  

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