Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Unique Gift Card Envelope.

I bought gift cards for the kiddos for Christmas.  Easy for us, fun for them.  The gift cards come on larger cards and I thought I'd make these fun pencil cases that have lines sewed on to look like paper.  I hand embroidered their names in cursive writing because that is the font that they are learning to write in school.   I have one more to finish.  
I wish my name started with an E or a J.
They have such nice curvy capital letters.  

The card that the gift card is glued to, easily fits in this little pencil case.  

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I used no particular pattern, but I did use the zipper technique from the zippy strippy tote.   I'll write up the details on the measurements and lines on the faux paper if anyone wants them. I printed out the names using a cursive font and stitched using my favorite sulky 12 weight red thread.  

Cute, eh

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memmens said...

This is a lovely idea - well done