Monday, December 3, 2012

Making table runners with the Leaves Galore Ruler

Do you have this ruler?  I'm beginning to like this ruler.  I bought it last year at a quilt show.  While I plan to sometime, I have yet to make any leaves from it yet.   
I used my FriXion pen to mark the gentle curve before sewing.

Recently I've used it for a couple of non-leafy projects and I'll share how I used it today.    While making some simple runners for my hallway tables, I was looking for an alternative shape to square ends.  A quick glance up at my ruler holder and I knew what I would do.   It was just too easy.  My runners are 12" wide and there are convenient 6" markings either side of the center point on the ruler. Following the curve of the ruler, I simply made a marked line on the fabric to sew on.  It was perfect for for today's project.

After sewing on the line, I clipped away the excess fabric and
clipped the curves.

Voila.  Turn right side out and lightly press.

I like how the curved ends look more interesting
than plain squared off ends.


Anonymous said...

What a clever way to use the wavy ruler. Your table runners are beautiful and show off your ornaments very nicely. Lucy

MissesStitches said...

That really is a beautiful, elegant finish for the ends of your table runner. Good job!

Linda H said...

Very nice Gail. I like the curvy ends too!

Susan Pelland said...

Glad you are enjoying using my templates! It is such fun to search on Leaves Galore and see what people are using them for. There are so many ways to use the templates! But you just gotta try the leaves, they are addicting!! Thanks for posting on your blog.

Sue said...

I follow your posts through Donna's Chitchat. Where did you find this amazing ruler (if you don't mind me asking). I am a novice quilter (Donna got me hooked on foundation quilting) and am always looking for ways to up my game. Love reading your post. Thanks