Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas Snow

We've had some nice visits with all our kids starting on Christmas Eve.  It's hard to believe Christmas is over for another year.

This evening, we all going to see the Duffle Bag Theatre's performance of Rudolf at the Playhouse.  So Aurora and Grace are with me today and others will join us this evening for the performance.

Aurora put me right to work this morning to mend her favorite pair of jeans... And more importantly, she wanted me to make her new walking Baby Alive some clothes.   A new hat, coat, mittens, and snow pants.  She's as pleased as punch for her outfit to go outside...  She picked out the colors of fleece, the buttons and even a little patch for the hat.  I merely sewed.

Happy Snowday everyone!


Lee said...

Lucky little girl that she has such a talented grammie! Gosh, she's growing up so quickly.

DonnaC said...

Abby got one you have patterns for her wardrobe, or did you invent as you go along? Aren't grandchildren wonderful? have a wonderful New Year!