Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blackford's Beauty - Week 3 of 5

This beauty is making progress.   Although, this week was the busiest for me during this Christmas season.  Lunches, meetings every day.    So, I didn't get all that I hoped to done this week.  I do have one of the 15 pieced blocks complete, and many blocks ready to sew the nine patch format together.  The diagonal seams require a bit of brain power to make sure they are going in the right direction.  

This week should be a lighter week for us, with not so many Christmas activities.  So it should be no problem to finish the other 14 blocks.    Do you like a complicated block?  It's going to be stunning when placed by a plain block that will be filled with a hand-quilted circular feather pattern.

Till next week, take care.  

1 comment:

Linda H said...

Beautiful block Gail! Love it. Of course, I would- it's blue!!