Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Who can resist a parade in great weather. The North Myrtle St. Pat's parade had 120 floats and over 20,000 people attended the parade and festival. Here are some pictures of this great parade.

A high school marching Band who were very good at marching in unison, even as they rounded the corner. Great peppy music too.

Would this not be fun, to ride these little cars in formations all through the parade. They did figure 8's and other neat maneuvers.

There were many golf carts decorated in Green. Notice the sign, the Shag Club. The Shag is a local dance.

Bag Pipers. My friend Jane can confirm, but aren't these Nova Scotia tartain kilts. Everyone clapped along to the rythmic music of the pipers.

And what would an Irish party be without celtic music. Gaelstorm from Wilmington, North Carolina.

There was lots of food at the festival. This is where we stood in line for half an hour to get lunch. These butterfly fries caught our attention. So here's what we had for lunch. Italian sausage with fried onions and green peppers and of course the butterfly fries. We split this for lunch.


dp said...

How fun. I love parades. We only have one big parade here in AV... but its a blast. My kids are embarrassed to sit with me becuase I wave at every princess, clap for every float and cheer when I feel the need! come on, really, have you ever made a float.. its a lot of work... have you ever sat on a float waving... and no one waves back. Been there, on both accounts... i will always show my appreciation for the fine work of volunteers who put their heart and back into these spirit lifting events.!! Lunch looks yummy.. butterfly fries... where did they find all the butterflies to deep fry!

EJ Taylor said...

I'm not sure if I'm the "Jane" you were referring to in the comment/question about the piper tartan.

You were correct, it is indeed Nova Scotia tartan.

See http://www.myrtlebeachpipeband.com/