Monday, March 23, 2009

25th Anniversary

Today marks our 25th Anniversary married. So today is a very special day. We started out our day by going out for a really nice breakfast. We reflected on how lucky we are to have our kids, grandkids, health and each other. It was a very romantic breakfast. When we came home, I learned how to do the self portrait setting on our little camera. So we played with that for a bit, knowing I had to have a picture of us for my blog. Then, we went for a nice hour long walk on the beach since it's a beautiful day.

The minute we got back, the phone rang.. It was a mail call. We had to go pick up something special. Ohhh, what fun, we hopped in the car and what was waiting for us..... An Edible Arrangement. This is so exciting and everyone at the Real Estate office where we pick up our mail, was so excited for us too! I've never seen one before in person, so how exciting to get one. We couldn't wait to dip into it and try them out. Yummy. It came in a big purple bowl, that I absolutely love.
We couldn't wait to dip into it and try them out. Yummy. You know, when you get married, you feed each other cake or champagne. Well, even better than that are big luscious chocolate covered strawberries!

Thanks Carrie, Kenny, Michele, Wade, Patience and all the kids. This made our day very special!


Anonymous said...

Happy 25th guys! What a great place and a great day for you both.

Linda H said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wow- 25 years!! Woohooo!! That edible arrangement looks yummy... Enjoy!

Linda G said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was a wonderful day. Great pictures! Special present!

bargello said...

Hi Gail, and Mert!
25 Years, tis a milestone. Congratulations!! Aren't the kids smart to send you such an original and obviously appreciated gift? Oh to have one of those chocolate covered strawberries now... ummmmmmm...
My best to the 2 of you, you are very lucky indeed.

cpm said...

I hope it tasted as great as it looks! What a neat idea!
Happy 25th anniversary! Congratulations on such a milestone!

Marie Alton said...

Congrats on your 25th Anniversary!
In this day & age ... when people seem to take marriage so lightly ... it is a real accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated anniversary!! I've seen ads for the Edible Arrangements in magazines - so cool! What a great idea. How sweet of the gang back home to remember! Congrats!!

March is almost done for another year! Yippee!


Quilter Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary!
I just bought my Mom an Edible Arrangement for her 70th was so pretty!
Yours looks like it has chocolate covered apples...yum!