Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ricky Tims Seminar in Ocala Fl

Any of you who have been to a Ricky Tims Seminar knows how I must feel after these past three days. I'm so excited to go home and sew. I really enjoyed all the presentations. There wasn't one that I wouldn't want to see again. I took lots and lots of pictures and I only share a few of them with you today in this blog.

I really enjoyed how Ricky explained his piecing methodology to the over 450 participants. He is so funny in his presentation, as is Libby. Everyone loves Alex because of Simply Quilts, but that's gone and she's sick of hearing about it. They are very excited about their "Quilt show Website".

These flowers were so whimsical. I love the detail of the quilting.

Look at this little sea creature. I don't think Ricky intended it to be but doesn't this little guy look like a googly eyed fish peeking out, trying not to be seen.

I loved this technique that Libby demonstrated. I would really like to try this at home. The lines are 9mm wide satin stitch. Beautiful and so effective.

Of the three presenters, I guess Alex Anderson does more my style of quilting. That would be traditional. I really loved this quilt with the viney flowery border. I think this must go on my TO-DO list.
I had a great time at this seminar and will come home with 4 beautiful pieces of Ricky hand-dyed fabrics, thread and perle cotton for me and my friend Linda H. I would recommend this seminar for new quilters and experienced quilters.


Linda H said...

Gail, Sooo glad you enjoyed it. I knew you would!! It's tiring because you hear and learn so much! But it's a good kind of tired, right? You'll be home soon and your machine will be whirring!!

Linda G said...

I thought that it would be fun from watching their show. Can't wait to hear some of the details when you get home.

cpm said...

I've said it many times before but DAMN I WISH WE WERE RELATED!! lol! then I could be the recipient of all your beautiful creations! hee!hee!

dp said...

I can only imagine how much fun you had and how full your head is. I have been to a couple of "sewing" conferences with you in Halifax and I was so overwhelmed with what I learned there, that my head hurt when I got home. But I still remember lots of the hints and lessons I learned, and great memories too.

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Dionne said...

I was thinking of registering for this seminar, I'm glad you posted this review. It's helped me decide!