Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Christmas Tree in the Sand

The other day, I was laying on the deck chair and watching some big puffy clouds go by. I was looking for formations that might be memorable. Maybe even blog worthy. In the clouds I saw some weird looking chickens, guppy like fish and a football. None of the formations were were actually blog worthy... so no pictures I'm sorry to say. I think I was forcing it.

But this morning on my walk, I had to do a double take. I saw a fabulous formation in the sand as the tide was going out.
Before you look at the picture below, look at the graphic above. My favorite Christmas tree clipart. I have embroidery designs like this too. ok. Now you can look at the picture below. Neat, eh!


Linda G said...

It is neat. I love beaches, all the teasures and the changing nature of the sand. You are now officially making me envious. Maybe that is because we had a dusting of snow last night and even die hard cheery people are getting ready for spring.

Linda H said...

Okay, Gail..I think maybe you were into the rum before your walk??? What else did you "see"???Any pink elephants wearing bikinis? Just joking.. you have a good eye- most people would walk right by and not notice...