Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Quilting in MB - Week 3 of 4

It's hard to believe that 3 weeks have gone by already and I'm working on silk ribbons already. When I did my first CQ sock last fall, I'm sure I was on week 12 before having the confidence to move on.

So, after this week, I have to say, that silk ribbons are so nice to work with. I don't have very many ribbons - maybe 6 or 7 hand dyed ones. I haven't really embellished very many seams yet with these silks. I really liked doing this rouching one. It's one that I learned in my Linda H. class last year. I don't think I've seen this technique anywhere else that I've been browsing. It's quick and very effective. Although, this ribbon might have been a bit dark for the placement, I really like it. It's staying.

I really like the floral sprays and I need a bit more imagination when making sprays. In these below, I didn't have a plan when starting out. I just laid down the roses, then worked around them.
I like the 5 spoke ribbons. I can't seem to move away from them. I'm trying different leaf techniques.

I still need to put leaves on these. I'm not sure which to use. These 3 roses were made from a single cut of 7mm wide ribbon. It's such a coincidence that the color changed for the entire rose in the center. I love the hand-dyed ribbons.

More 5 spoke roses. I love the dark color. In real color, they are more purple than blue.
This week, along with more thread and ribbon, I'm starting to work on beads, buttons, and shells. I'm anxious to see how the sparkle will add so much to my 2 socks. I'll show you next Monday.


Linda G said...

Love your progress. Can't wait for an overall shot. You may even get me hand stitching again.

dp said...

I love the little roses Gail, they are adorable. What a lot of work. How long did it take to do those sprays?

Linda H said...

Gorgeous, Gail! Your SRE is beautiful. I love the Spider Web Roses too - they just look so real! Like Linda G, I can't wait to see an overall shot. Plain to see you're having fun!!