Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is it a dolphin, or is it a porpus.

Every morning, we scan the waters for dolphins, or are they porpuses. Usually we see them just enough for me to run and get my camera, start it up, zoom in, then they're gone. It must be the time change, but they were around particularly long this morning. Tomorrow watch for my Week 3 Crazy Quilting - Silk Ribbons..


dp said...

Maybe there SHARKS!!!! Stay away from that beach!
Weird how they are so close to the shore..there must be little fish or something they feed on that hand around the shallows!

cpm said...

We have the exact same thing in Siesta Key FL where my parents are. They are so so close that you could just go right out and touch them. (of course I'm too scared and never do but I do find seeing them quite magical!)
I got to swim with the dolphins in Cuba and loved it! They are so powerful!