Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Edit: - Look at Jessica's Video Below.
Happy Birthday Jessica!

Can it be 10 short years ago, that Grampie and I drove to Halifax to see this new baby, our first grandchild!

I remember the evening that we got the call that the baby was coming soon. The next morning, we drove to Halifax not knowing who would be entering our lives. It's a girl. She was born before we got there. We approach the hospital room and 10 steps before the room, I tried to hold back the tears. ..unsuccessfully. A baby, a baby. It's like the whole miracle of birth had just hit me. We walk into the room and by this time, I'm crying out loud... as I pick up this little baby. She was small and precious and was ours. Our first grand-child.

And that was 10 years ago today.

Happy Birthday Jessica!


Anonymous said...

10 years old already! Oh my how time flies....She's just as cute today, acutally even more!

Ant Pear

dp said...

Weren't you at my house when you left to go to see her. Wasn't there a storm that day... it was so long ago, and yet, not that long ago.
Happy birthday Jess... the oldest of the Mitchell grandkids. A great role model for all her little cousins to look up to.

Linda G said...

Almost like being there. Love the singing.