Friday, March 6, 2009

Catch of the Day

Each day, our daily walk yields a bit more warmth. This morning, even though we're walking early, our walk was way to warm for long sleeves. Just like at home, you never know how warm or cool you're going to be, so we're a bit over cautious. Tomorrow, it's going to be short sleeves.
On our beach walk, I get the notion that it would be nice to put a single pretty shell on each of my crazy quilted socks, since they were mostly created here. So it's eyes down, and we're looking for perfect small shells that might be suitable. After picking up several, I determine it's got to be a shell with a hole of course, a pretty color, and shiny if possible. Next week, will I be adding beads, buttons and now shells to my socks, so that gives us 7 - 10 days to look.

Here is Grampie walking ahead of me, on the lookout for shells at the high water mark. If you look closely at the extreme left of this picture, you can see the balcony to our condo.

Our Catch of the day.

This is a good one. It's less than half an inch, and a nice size hole to tack on to the sock. It's very bleached out and the color is very white.

A perfectly white, quite shiny and smooth, but no hole.

Perfect size, but not very much character, but a lovely hole.

There are many clusters like this on the beach, but for the most part they are too big, or not a nice color, or no hole, or too many holes, or broken.

Every day we'll take out top ten picks home, then make our selections next week from the top 75 - 100. It's like American Idol for shells.

Our search continues.