Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A hot day in MB

This is the north end of our 25' deck at the condo that overlooks the beach. We don't use this table very much, but we do keep a dollar store thermometer under the shade of the table. We are temperature people, you see. We need to know the temp is so we can decide what to wear out for our walk. There are many variables. Long pants, shorts, long sleeves, short sleeve, or jackets etc.

Yesterday was an unusually hot day in Myrtle Beach. I know you all are going to feel sorry for us, but at high noon, it was almost too hot to lay on the deck.

Mert was golfing. It was almost too hot for golf. It was 83 degrees on the golf course and 80 at the beach.

Today was a more tepid day. 70 degrees at noon and it looks like more of the same for tomorrow.

I can't believe we check out of here in 2 more weeks.


cpm said...

Sounds perfect for me! We leave for Siesta Key FL tomorrow. My Dad told me that next week's temp. is going to be between 78 and 82 LOVE IT! I'm beyond excited to leave! YAY!

Linda G said...

Let's hear the big aaaaww for too hot. You poor things. We have at least had one lovely day here and it is sunny today so I am not that jealous. Only two weeks left, hard to believe. We miss you at coffee.