Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aurora - It's a Beautiful Day

Aurora was here for a visit over the weekend.  She was thrilled with the hooded swim towel that I made her a week or so ago.   She loved the puppy face and the floppy ears.
She sings little songs all the time.  She learns them at day-care.    Here's a cute one that I had never heard before.  She taught it to us all.  Well at least Grace, Grampie and me.    The words are below.

We're goin on a berry hunt
We're gonna pick some juicy ones
We're not Scared
We're not Scared
It's a beauuuuuutiful Day!

It sure is a beautiful day, Aurora.  What a sweetie!


Karen said...

She is so sweet! I played her song through three times - such great expresion in her voice!

Sandra said...

That must be a modern adaptation. It's from the book
We're going on a bear hunt by Helen Oxenbury~We're going on a bear hunt/gonna catch a big one/we're not scared/what a beautiful day.